Where is Naples?

Where is Naples

Naples is in SW Florida

Where is Naples? Well, that depends on which Naples you are talking about. Did you know that there is a Naples in 11 different states in the U.S.? Also, Naples is a city in Italy. That is 12 different places named Naples. The Naples, Italy reference is more popular than Naples, FL, but probably not as quaint. Naples, FL is where I spend most of my time. There is a lot to do in Naples, FL. Naples is close to the Everglades National Park, which is a vast area of natural beauty. Also, world class beaches run the distance from Gordon’s Pass on the south side, all the way up to Bonita Beach in the north.

Naples, FL Weather

Many people like to come in the winter months, due to the beautiful weather. The cooler weather runs from November through April usually. It is not always cooler, it is really just “not hot”. Once October rolls around, you can start to get a sense of fall coming in. October can still be hot, but is a lot more bearable. Some of the first cold fronts “may” come through in October and keep coming through once a week to once every couple of weeks. The real “cooler” weather usually starts in December and January. Fronts can keep coming through April, and every once in a while Naples will have a late March or early April cold spell. This throws everything off, because it seems like the cold fronts are over. By the end of April, the Summer sun starts blazing and by May you know Summer is already here. June starts hurricane season, which lasts through November. The Summers are very hot and humid. The term “Snowbird” comes clear in the Summer as Naples, FL is empty. Snowbirds are people that have a home up North somewhere, and then spend the winter months here in Florida. So once November rolls around, the population grows a lot.

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Panther Traffic Signs – Naples, FL

Panther Traffic signs - Naples, FL


The panther traffic signs may look good to the tourists, but I would hate to think that we would expect panthers in this area. There are 5 or 6 subdivisions and an apartment complex just beyond this sign. The zoning probably does not allow for panthers. Also the next photo shows the surrounding area.


Panther Traffic Signs and  Sidewalk

The panthers don’t stand a chance on this highway. Just because there are panther traffic signs doesn’t mean people really think there may be a panther in the road. Recently expanded to 6 lanes, they would be hard pressed to actually cross. This sign is just past the Wal-Mart on Collier Blvd. 1 mile south of Davis Blvd. in Naples, FL.

Where is Naples in Florida

Naples, FL

Naples is in SW Florida


Where is Naples in Florida? Naples is on the west coast of Florida. It is the city farthest south on the west coast. Naples is in Collier County. To the north is Bonita Springs, Estero, then Fort Myers. Naples is a small city with lots to do. Beaches, fishing, shopping, nature parks, and historical landmarks are just the start. Take I-75 South until the big turn to the east and your in Naples, FL.

Beaches in Naples, FL

There are miles of beach accessible to general public. In downtown Naples there is a beach access at the end of every avenue. Farther south on Gordon Drive there is an access called “Beach Walk”. Farther to the north there is Lowdermilk Park, Clam Pass, Vanderbilt Beach, and Wiggins Pass State Park.

Fishing in Naples, FL

There are many places to fish from land in Naples. There are many lakes and canals to fish freshwater. There are also many canals to fish saltwater. The beach is another good place to fish saltwater. You don’t have to look far for many guides to take you out on a boat fishing in the 10,000 islands.

Shopping in Naples, FL

Shopping is covered. There is the Coastland Mall. Downtown 5th Ave and 3rd Street shopping. As well as all the usual suspects like Target and Best Buy.

Parks in Naples, FL

There are a few state parks, and some national parks as well. Seminole state park is on east Tamiami Trail on the way to Everglades City. Everglades National Park is farther east on the Tamiami Trail and has many smaller park sections inside of it.

Historical Landmarks in Naples, FL

The Naples Pier is one landmark that has been around for many years. The pier is on 12th Ave S in downtown Naples. Seminole State Park has the machine that helped build US 41 from Naples to Miami across the Everglades.